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Retail logistics I/II

The two-semester event Retail Logistics deals with the special challenges facing the logistics of internationally operating retail companies. The aim is to gain an understanding of the structures and processes of retail logistics. Further focal points are the internationalisation of trade and approaches to cooperation between trade and the consumer goods industry. To this end, the current structural framework conditions in Germany as well as the main influencing factors and the importance of company type innovation and erosion on the design of trade logistics will be considered. In addition, alternative logistics structures and delivery route decisions are discussed and their respective advantages and disadvantages evaluated. Based on these contents, different forms of cooperation between industry and trade will be investigated. Within the framework of this thematic block, excursions to retail companies and logistics service providers will take place.

Contents Retail Logistics I

The integrated course Retail Logistics I focuses on the evaluation of alternative logistics structures and delivery route decisions in retail. First, the current structural framework conditions in Germany as well as the main influencing factors and the importance of company type innovation and erosion on the design of trade logistics will be examined. In order to supplement the lecture contents, various topics will be assigned for written elaborations within the framework of the first block of lectures, which students will work on in small groups. There will also be two excursions.

Contents Retail Logistics II

The integrated event Retail Logistics II is based on the basics of Retail Logistics I. A major focus here is on the discussion of innovative identification and communication systems in the retail context. In particular, the potentials and challenges of RFID technology for retail will be analysed and probable lines of development will be pointed out. In addition, the topics internationalization and procurement logistics of the retail trade as well as approaches in the cooperation between retail and consumer goods industry are focused. To supplement the lecture content, the first block of events will present various topics for short lectures, which will be worked on by the students in small groups and presented in the following block of events. The lecture topics are based on current developments in retail logistics and provide students with an opportunity to deal in greater depth with strategic and technological issues. Examples for this could be new concepts of e-commerce and chances of innovative material flow technologies.

event details

Event details
You will find the module description with information on the workload, the type of examination and grading here.
course number
73 110 L 5288 (Retail logistics I)
73 110 L 5289 (Retail logistics II)
block event (4x Fr. und 4x Sa.)
Fridays, 15:00–18:00 (s.t.)
Saturdays, 10:00–12:00 (s.t.)
Note: Excusion dates in the WS can lead to temporal deviations!
s. Dates
Contact person
Florian Sinn, M.Sc.

Lecturer of the Event


Lecturer of the event is Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prümper, lecturer for trade logistics in the field of logistics, who today works as a management consultant. In the past, Prof. Dr. Prümper has been responsible for the entire cross-divisional logistics activities of Metro AG for many years. Prior to that he held leading positions in logistics and management at Kaufhof AG and today's Tchibo AG.

Important note

The course Retail logistics II (SS) builds on the basics dealt with in Retail logistics I (WS) and the understanding of the overall context conveyed there. For this reason, it is highly recommended to take the courses in the appropriate order.


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