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All modules at the chair of logistics are examined as a so called “Portfolioprüfungen”. This means that the grade is composed of several parts, usually an exam and homework or a case study. The composition of the specific modules can be taken from the module description.

If a work (e.g. presentations during the semester) is performed, you have to complete the module (no deregistration possible).

All partial performances are to be completed within one semester. In case of illness you have to submit a sick certificate to the secretariat of the chair of logistics (within 3 days after test date). Otherwise your performance will be evalutated as 5.0. You have to resit the examen at the next possible date und to agree this with the mentoring assistant.

Exams usually take place in the last week of lectures and the two succeeding weeks. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to display the exact date of the examination in QISPOS. The exact dates are shown on the homepage of the logistics department.

Registration over QISPOS for Bachelor, Master and double degree students

All modules at the chair of logistics are „Portfolioprüfungen" and thus have to be registered within the first six weeks after the beginning of lectures. Every module has to be registered just once, independent of the number and kind of parts combined in the module.

Registration at the chair of logistics for Erasmus students

Erasmus students do not need to register their courses over QISPOS or at the examination office (Prüfungsamt). It is sufficient for them to register with the responsible module assistant.


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