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Module Logistics: Technologies and Digital Processes

The course teaches the basics of the use of information systems in strategic, tactical and operative logistics control and planning. In addition, the use of automation and identification technologies will be discussed in more detail.

In the application part of the course, the basic functionalities of ERP systems will be practically learned. This includes the creation of master data as well as order planning and processing. The system-side mapping of logistical warehouse structures will be examined in more detail. For the operation of these warehouse structures, the use of automation and identification technologies under laboratory conditions will be demonstrated.

The warehousing processes will also be further deepened with the aid of material flow simulation methods. In the context of the consideration of information systems for the integrated product, process and SC design, questions of strategic network simulation with application systems are learned.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn how to use suitable software for a wide variety of logistical problems and how to apply the appropriate information strategies in logistics networks. The focus here is on the communication and experience of the potentials and limits of the use of different information systems for operative, tactical and strategic logistics planning and control. The course gives an overview of relevant (future) technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing with a focus on their use in logistics.

event details
The module description with information about the workload as well as the type of examination and grading can be found here.
course number
73 110 L 156
Start: 13.04.2021
online via ISIS-Kurs
Contact Persons
Benno Gerlach, M.Sc.

Lecturer of the event


The event will be held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube.

Latest News

  • The module LTP will be held as an online event in the summer semester of 2021. Participation will require a functional computer and internet acsess.
  • The course builds on the contents of the Bachelor courses "Fundamentals of Logistics".
  • The documents for the event can be found on the ISIS platform: http://www.isis.tu-berlin.de


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