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MULi project - "Minimising the environmental impact of delivery traffic in conurbations by means of intelligent traffic situation information and forecasts".

In conurbations, transport - especially delivery traffic - is regarded as the main source of pollutant emissions. Against this background, optimising inner-city freight transport offers the potential to reduce emissions and resource consumption and thus make a significant contribution towards sustainable and efficient logistics.

The MULI project takes up this topic and examines which influencing variables are necessary for the evaluation of emissions/operating data in delivery traffic and which sensors and mobile data processing and communication systems (on-board units) can be used to collect the necessary data. The monitoring model to be developed should put emissions and resource consumption in relation to logistical services and allow the sustainability of transport-related services to be assessed. Secondly, it examines which requirements are necessary for a dynamic planning procedure with an evaluation function for dynamic routing and for forecast-based route planning. The planning/routing model to be developed will for the first time take traffic forecast data and environmental aspects into account.

Project Sponsors and Partners

Project Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Alliance partner:

  • TU Berlin Logistics Department
  • VIOM GmbH Berlin,
  • City Clean GmbH & Co KG

Associated partners:

  • VMZ Berlin operating company ltd.
  • VIB Traffic Information Agency Bavaria GmbH
  • ADAC General German Automobile Club e.V.

Project duration

01.08.2010 – 31.07.2012


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