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InterVal: INTERnet and VALue Chains - Value Network Management


The aim of InterVal was the analysis and further development of Internet technologies in the context of modern value chains. New technologies such as XML, web services and semantic networks have significantly changed the value-added processes typical of modern economies in recent years. In InterVal, these changes were analysed using concrete case studies. Considerations on the profitability of investments in information and communication technologies played an important role here. Economic approaches to investment analysis and the evaluation of management techniques should be used, as should macroeconomic calculations to measure the impact of IT investments on an economy's overall productivity and labour market. Another research focus was on questions of security and data protection. Finally, questions of information logistics and knowledge management were also dealt with in InterVal.

The research focus of the project "Management of value-added chains" was on the development of concepts for efficient cross-company coordination structures with the help of Internet technology. Based on a hybrid coordination concept, changes in the internal control structures of value chains were evaluated. The aim was to carry out the planning on site, taking into account the common goals defined for the entire network. Selected Internet technologies have been researched with regard to their potential for cooperative relationships in value-added networks. These scenarios were used to analyze how IT instruments can be used efficiently in a cross-company environment. Another research area of the project was the determination of the advantages of IT implementation and the billing of IT investments and operating costs.

Project duration

01.07.2003 – 31.12.2007


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