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LOGISTICS SUCCESS STRATEGIES - Smart - Scalable - Sustainable



  • Digital transformation
  • Customer value
  • Leadership, organizational structures and social responsibility
  • Open innovation



Challenges for today's logisitcs are increasing speed, providing and analyzing real-time information, integrating fragmented systems and finding the right level of cooperation with new actors such as platform providers or analysts. We would like to find out how logisitcs experts address future potentials!

Thus, we address:

Logistics experts from

  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Service providers
  • Technology/IT providers
  • Start-ups


Structure and Approach

  • Online survey
  • Subsequent expert interviews
  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Delphi panel

Embedded in the research cluster "Digital Logistics" as an open discussion and innovation platform.

Online questionnaire

You can find the survey in German via this LINK

You can find the survey in English via this LINK


Thanks for your participation!

Interest in participating in an expert interview or the Delphi panel?

If you are interested in participating in one of the following expert interviews or the delphi panel, please click here.



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